What's New & Coming

The New Mongoose


“Small Manual Indexer”

“Contolled Length Release (CLR) Hose Retainer”


New Pedestal Indexer

Manual Indexer that will fit into very tight places fitting through most access holes.

Do THIS with the new Pedestal Indexer


  NOT THIS - Physically demanding and dangerous!





Outstanding Features


  • Small enough to fit into almost any area required.
  • All of the Controls are on the conveniently located panel (upper left).
  • Handle to move the Indexer as needed.
  • Easy position slide to locate at 5-6 tubes with each move of the Indexer (upper right).
  • Easy to visually align to tube opening, holds steady to that position as operator weight holds Indexer in position (left).
  • Easy to access even the outer tubes.
  • Solid construction for safe, reliable operation.