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Controlled Length Release (CLR) Hose Retainer System

By positioning precisely placed Hose Stops in the CLR Hose Retainer, the operator can control the amount of hose dispensed to match the length of the tube being cleaned.  This can minimize or eliminate the chance of extending the hose too far out of the end of the exchanger and damaging the hose from the resulting whipping action.

CLR Hose Retainer System


  • This feature will be available on new machines purchased after November 1, 2010.
  • The CLR System will be available as an upgrade on existing Systems.
  • This features minimizes the likelihood of twisting a hose and greatly reduces the operating expenses of the Armadillo.
  • Along with the Controlled Torque Control System, you can eliminate about 90% of the causes of twisted Hoses.