Training & Certifications

Aqua Sales has produced an. INTENSIVE TRAINING program to provide your supervisors and operators with the level of knowledge to safely, perform services to the industry in the most efficient means providing success for you and your customers.

Individuals are measured against best practice standards and require both performance and theory testing. Each graduate upon successfully passing the course shall receive a skills certification and a laminated photo ID badge indicating the standard and credentials for use with “Best Practices” operations.


Train the Trainer programs

Nationally accredited OJT Trainers can work directly with your own training staff to reach common goals. Best Practices procedures training are required of all contractors, Staff and supervisory personal who would desire to reach Certifications for ExxonMobil facilities.

Sample of Training syllabus:


Why all this required Training?

Like you, we are very concerned about results. They matter to us. Operation of the Armadillo in a safe and proficient manner will assure all parties involved success. The Armadillo has been designed to do what other are unable, “When Results Matter” the Armadillo best practices program will be there for you.