Remote control of the unit by the operator eliminates any exposure to the water stream.

  • Allows technician to operate at a safe distance.
  • Keep operator completely out of the "line of fire".
  • No hydraulic back splashing
  • Because the hose reels back into the machine, there is no dangerous hose on ground.

No accidents recorded while cleaning over 1,000,000 tubes since its inception.

  • Technician removed from any exposure to water stream.
  • Hand operated control box can be held in technician's lap in sitting position.
  • Easy to concentrate on the point of entry into the tube to be observant to action.
  • Emergency Stop on control box very easy to activate.
  • Lack of fatigue helps technician to be more attentive to all safety concerns.
  • All controls are conveniently located on the front of the machine.

IMPORTANT: To assure all of the safety benefits, training and certification is required!

Operator fatigue almost non-existent because the work is done by the machine.

  • All control for feed in and out and side to side are on the control 10 x 10 Control Box
  • The Armadillo provides all of the push and pull effort exerted.
  • Once set up, the technician can actually sit and control the action with his fingers!
  • Low fatigue improves the quality AND increases safety.

Automated System saves 40-50% labor time over manual process without fatigue.

  • Because there is limited fatigue, technician can operate more continuously.
  • Focus can be on quality, not physical effort, resulting in great results the first time.
  • The Armadillo does not get tired and can work continuously at an amazing consistent rate.
  • With limited space needed, there is no need to build extensive scaffolding.

Each unit is fully assembled, operated and tested at the factory.

  • Each Armadillo has been fully functionally tested to assure all safety features function properly.
  • Because tips have been specifically designed for specific environments, water pressure can often be run lower than other machines.