Results consistently surpass competing manual methods – hydro and mechanical.

  • Positive rotation of entire Blast Hose and tip assure consistent thorough cleaning.
  • Because it is automated, the Armadillo processes the ID of the tube surface very consistently.
  • Special tip design are customized to resolve even difficult surfaces.
  • The consistent waterjet spray preserves the integrity of the ID surface.
  • No residue left as with sandblasting or other mechanical means.

Exceptional IRIS Results on just one pass!

  • MANY instances where customers could not get acceptable IRIS results – Armadillo did!
  • With precise controls of RPMs, Propel and tip configuration, 100% success rate.
  • View our many recommendation letters to understand the results you can have.

A wide variety of solutions utilizing the versatility, precision and nozzles of the Armadillo.

  • Select from a wide variety of nozzles – Contact us for recommendations.
  • Propel, or rate of travel into the tube of the nozzle is tightly controllable and flexible.
  • The RPM of the nozzle (and Blast Hose) also tightly controllable from 10 – 375 RPM.
  • The infinite combination of these factors allow adjustment to almost any ID condition.

Automated System saves 40-50% labor time over manual process without fatigue.

  • All energy exerted to perform the actual cleaning is mechanical, not human energy.
  • Once set in place, the Armadillo is controlled by the technician with his fingers on switches!
  • The Armadillo can work continuously...the human has difficulty doing this.
  • The technician focuses on the process of cleaning (quality) not exertion.
  • Because the Armadillo works at a constant rate, labor savings can be large.

Repeated Armadillo cleaning (year to year) will result in a mirror-like ID finish

  • Many facilities delay cleaning tubes because results are not worth the down-time
  • Armadillo results justify cleaning – have been successful at every challenge attempted
  • Because of the nature of waterjetting with a consistent set of parameters (as the Armadillo does) that are matched to the ID of the tube set, year to year results produce a mirror-like ID finish.

Reduced subsequent ID build-up

  • With the improved finish from Armadillo cleaning, there is actually a reduced subsequent ID build-up....greatly improving efficiency and lowering costs!

Simple, reliable operation with clear instructions to adjust to any conditions.

  • Armadillo Training is a must!!!
  • At training, technicians will learn how to properly adjust to different conditions.
  • Refer to a convenient matrix that will help you choose the correct parameters.

Packaged for convenient portability.

  • The Armadillo comes packaged in sturdy containers, well protected.
  • The packaging can be easily converted to transports with the addition of wheels on to the shipping containers.
  • Clear, concise instructions for initial assembly are included.

"Modular" replacement on maintenance items to expedite repairs.

  • The primary major components are modularized for very quick replacement.
  • Reduced downtime from this modularization.
  • If desired, your technicians can perform repairs on the modular unit back in your shop.
  • Or...the modular unit can be returned and repaired at our factory.
  • Either way, the Technician Training will provide the knowledge needed to expedite any repairs needed.

Infinitely flexible in set-up configuration to accommodate virtually all industry set-up requirements.

  • The following parameter adjustments are available with the Armadillo:
    • Tip Design
    • RPM of the tip and Blast Hose
    • Propel and Repel of the Blast Hose
    • Water Pressure
  • The following equipment set-up alternatives are available with the Armadillo:
    • Blast Hose length and diameter
    • Guide Hose length (very important for the proper operation of the Blast Hose)
    • Indexer in the vertical position
    • Indexer in the horizontal position
    • Four foot height extensions for the Indexer
    • Flexibility in the size of the Indexer frame

Above is a "Before" picture from a Canadian facility that Eveready Energy Services  worked on a few years ago.

This unit had not been attempted to clean for over eight years because, with poor results, it was not worth the time to shut it down.  Eveready came with their armada of Armadillos, working with three units concurently at the right.

Above, right, you can see the "After" picture.  The facility was, of course, amazed and thrilled.

Use the Armadillo, especially at the tough jobs,

When Results Matter.

Above - Aimm Technologies before and after from a large job in Alaska.


Below - Eveready job in Canada.  Two after pictures and then three before pictures.